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Laura Meyers is an artist who has always loved animals, nature, and things unknown. The Moon, in particular has always been a guiding force for Laura, representing change and connection... among other things. A damaged piece of plywood sparked an idea to highlight animals and their connection to the began Moonbaby.

Every Moonbaby encourages us to connect to our inner selves, to find our place in the universe, and to allow ourselves to believe in magic. 

Moonbabies can live inside your home or out in your garden. Each piece can be prepared with hanging hardware or with a stake. There are some exceptions as collaged Moonbabies are recommended for indoor display only. Drawings of Moonbabies are also available as matted prints, greeting cards, and stickers. As the business is in its early stages, products are being sold at Arts and Crafts fairs in the NY and NJ area. Stay up to date on where to find Moonbabies by checking our Contact page. You may also email Laura, to arrange a purchase, if you have interest in getting yourself a Moonbaby.

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